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An apk file is a compressed file in ZIP format that has the uniqueness that it can only be unzipped on an Android smartphone or with the help of an emulator of the operating system.

Now, all people who have a smartphone with the Android operating system in any version, have the option to download their applications from any computer or from their smartphone, just download the apk file, so that, by simply transferring the file Smartphone can be installed quickly and easily.

The biggest advantage of downloading applications in this way is that you can install applications premiun, free and without having to pay at all.

In the case of WhtasApp, it is advantageous to download your apk, since it will allow you to install in an easier and faster way the application in any smartphone or device with the operating system Android 2.3 or higher version.

WhtasApp apk download is a very simple process and you just have to do the search on the web and confirm that the file that was downloaded is really the application itself.

The Whatsapp apk can be found on hundreds of download web pages, however you should be very aware, since not all web pages are recommended, because they may be plagued with viruses that can affect your pc or fill your smartphone with Junk files.

We recommend keeping the anti-virus on your PC active at all times and pass to the page a scan and download to avoid being a victim of all the viruses that can be found in cyberspace.

Once you download the apk you only have to transfer it to the smartphone in case you have downloaded it from a pc or simply look for the downloaded file on your smartphone and start the installation.

It is important that you know that, if your smartphone has a low internal memory and you have an external memory, the installation through apk will allow you to install or move the applications directly to your external memory so in that way you can install all the applications that you want and that your external memory can support.


WhatsApp APKs and what they bring you with each new release

WhatsApp is a messaging application that has achieved irrefutable success in recent years; initially, it was available in a variety of platforms that included the Symbian system, the BlackBerry system, the Nokia S40 system, iOS and Android.

Currently, the main platforms are those of iOS and Android, being the other platforms left behind because they represent a minority of consumption and because they are discontinued and outdated platforms.


The new applications are developed with the capabilities of the phones with the newest platforms in mind.

What Android users see from Google Play are stable WhatsApp applications that have no risk of malfunctioning, but what we don’t know is that there are BETA versions that contain innovations that we will receive soon in future updates.

Important information you would like to read:

What is the WhatsApp BETA apk?

In particular, for Android, WhatsApp apps are developed in APK format, which is a container that has everything you need to install the app on your phone. The Google Play Store disseminates the applications of WhatsApp in this format, although we do not realize it, since the installation is pretty automatic.

The BETA apk is meant to allow curious users to try out new WhatsApp features. An example of this were applications that included end-to-end encryption, another was when they included the option to send gif images.

With this, new features and functionalities can be tested without using a majority as a “guinea pig”, but supported by people willing to withstand poor functionality in exchange for testing what is new to come in WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Featured BETA Versions

Let's review what some of WhatsApp's BETA versions announced to their consumers:

WhatsApp BETA version 2.17.164

Within the new features, compilation 164 brings us the possibility of anchoring conversations that we consider favorites. In a practical sense, what we would do with this is to anchor the conversations of frequent contacts, because for those who chat a lot, it is easy to form the conversations between them.

WhatsApp BETA version 2.17.148

One of the changes brought by compilation 148 was the ability to format the submitted text. With the gain that WhatsApp has achieved in these years and its projection to the professional, it is obvious that they include the capacity to give some format of the texts.

The thing doesn’t go very far, because it is only the power to put bold and cursive to the text. For Android 6.0 and above, this option appears on the copy and paste menu, which would be where by default, these options would be found. And if you have Google Translator installed, the option to translate will also be available.

WhatsApp BETA version 2.17.125

The compilation inserted an interesting modification to the option to send contacts. Now it is possible to send several at a time, something useful, especially if we think of the nightmare that would be sending 3 or 4 contacts to the same person in the old-style.

Now, when sending contacts, these will appear with the option of multiple selections, which will make it much easier to send several contacts at a time without being confused, because multiple selections is something we are already accustomed to use on Android.

WhatsApp BETA version 2.17.111

One of the most important innovations of WhatsApp in this compilation is the power to send gifs. To do so this was possible in other services like Facebook, but now it can be done in WhatsApp. To send gifs, just go to the emojis part, and select the gifs tab.

You will find outstanding gifs, but you can search the one you want by searching. One tip is to search for gifs with a keyword; the more words you use, the harder it will be to find a suitable gif.

WhatsApp BETA version 2.17.93

One of the most important changes of WhatsApp had been that of replacing states with images, which did not please many, as they preferred and were accustomed to the states of text. Well in compilation 93, these have been put back.

But it is not that they have removed the states of images, for this was, after all, a new feature that did not offend anyone. In this compilation, both forms of states are maintained, as well as interface enhancements for faster access to functions such as video calls.



What versions of WhatsApp have brought us great changes?

WhatsApp BETA version 2.17.63

In this version the iconic and controversial WhatsApp states were introduced through images. This feature was intended to replace text states, but at the request of users, text states were put back in compilation 93.

WhatsApp BETA version 2.17.869

In this version were implemented the desired ability to delete sent messages; According to the documentation, this function will be available up to 5 minutes after the message has been received, even if it has been read by the person.

In the space where the messages were, it doesn’t disappear, but instead of the deleted message, you will see a message saying that the sender has deleted it.

WhatsApp BETA version 2.16.367

In this version was implemented a useful feature, which is to watch a video while it is downloaded. This doesn’t work on all versions of Android, it’s necessary that the phone to have at least Android 4.1.

WhatsApp BETA version 2.16.318

This version brought us video calls; at the beginning, the calls had a marked delay in the voice, but with the new versions and the implementation of new servers located in different regions, this was improving and at the moment, is one of the most remarkable characteristics of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp BETA version 2.16.386

Not all WhatsApp applications come with new features, some focus on internal bug fixes; this is something that we can’t see, but it is important to happen because they are improvements that increase stability and fix the functions that are already in the application.

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