Create WhatsApp Account (Tutorial)

whatsapp create an account

Even though it has been on the market for many years by now, WhatsApp Messenger remains one of the most popular mobile apps.

It was so popular that Facebook bought it not too long ago, and the free instant messaging application just keeps getting better and better.

If you are not yet one of the many millions of users who stays in touch with friends, family and everyone else using this app, then you need to know how to create a WhatsApp account so you can see what all the fuss is about!

In this post, we’ll give you a step by step tutorial on how to create a new WhatsApp account, including the steps you need to follow to download WhatsApp, install the application, and other useful information like how to use WhatsApp online from any computer with a simple WhatsApp login.

The first thing you need to do if you want to create a WhatsApp account is download and install the application on your mobile phone, so that is what we will discuss first.

Create WhatsApp account: Download WhatsApp for mobile

WhatsApp is available for just about every mobile phone that exists today, including Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, NokiaS40 and the old Symbian operating system. For every device except the Nokia and Symbian phones, you can easily download WhatsApp from your official app market using the steps below:

  1. Go to the official app store for your mobile phone’s operating system. For example, Google Play Store for Android, iTunes App Store for iPhone, BlackBerry World, Windows Store, etc.
  2. Type “WhatsApp” in the search bar.
  3. The first result should be the official WhatsApp messenger, with the famous green icon. Tap on it to select.
  4. Finally, tap the “download” or “install” button, and wait for your phone to take care of the rest.

whatsapp create an account

The procedure above doesn’t work for older NokiaS40 devices or those running on Symbian OS. This is because they are old enough that they never had a dedicated app market. But, it is still possible to download WhatsApp on these devices. Here’s how:

  1. Check if your device is a NokiaS40 or a NokiaS60 model. If you aren’t sure, you can skip to the next step and see if your phone or operating system is listed in the supported devices.
  2. For NokiaS40, go to For NokiaS60, go to
  3. Make sure you meet the minimum requirements.
  4. Click the “Download Now” button, and follow any instructions that appear on screen to install whatsapp on your phone.

If you followed the steps correctly, WhatsApp messenger should now be properly installed on your phone, probably with a shortcut or icon placed on your home screen or app drawer, depending on the device. Now, it’s time to finish creating your WhatsApp account by entering some basic information and going through a quick verification process.

Create WhatsApp account: Setting up my WhatsApp account

The final step before you can create a new WhatsApp account is to set everything up with your phone number, and verify everything. Here are the steps you need to follow to get your account up and running:

  1. If WhatsApp did not automatically open on your phone once the installation finished, open it using the shortcut on your home screen or app drawer.
  2. The welcome screen will ask you to enter your mobile phone number. It’s very important that you do this correctly, because WhatsApp will send a verification code to that number in a text message. Make sure you select the correct country code from the list.
  3. After you tap the “verify” button, you should receive an SMS text message with a code, usually a six-digit number or something similar.
  4. Type this code into the box in WhatsApp where it asks for your verification code, and tap the “submit” button.
  5. If the code was correct, your WhatsApp account is now created, and you can go ahead and add some personal information like your name, a profile picture, and an “about” line.

That’s all it takes to create a WhatsApp account on your mobile phone. Now, if you want to get the most out of your new WhatsApp account, read on to learn how you can use any PC, Mac or other device with an internet connection to login to your account.

WhatsApp: Create an account with WhatsApp online

It used to be that you could only use this instant messenger on your smartphone. But because of all the possibilities for sharing photos and other files with WhatsApp, this became a problem for many users. They might need to share a file with coworkers in their work group, but they forgot to move the file off of their PC. Or maybe your best friend is sharing so many photos of the new baby that you have completely run out of space on your phone!

WhatsApp online has been developed to help with these problems and many others. The official name of this program is WhatsApp Web. In this section, we’ll go through the steps to follow to create a WhatsApp online account, and how to find the WhatsApp login so you can access your messenger wherever you go.

  1. First, make sure you have already installed WhatsApp mobile on your phone. WhatsApp online is an extension of your normal messenger, not its own independent account.
  2. You do not have to create a new account to use this service. Just make sure you have your phone handy. We’re about to go to the WhatsApp login on your computer.
  3. On your PC or Mac, go to the address This is essentially the WhatsApp login page that will allow you to sync your mobile account with the computer.
  4. You should see a square QR code on the computer screen.
  5. Now, go to your mobile WhatsApp account, and go to the options menu.
  6. Tap on the option called “Web” or “WhatsApp Web”. This will open a QR scanner on your phone.
  7. Point your phone camera at the code on the computer screen.
  8. In just a few seconds, you will be ready to use WhatsApp online.

Now, you can easily send and receive files through WhatsApp, even if they only exist on your computer. Creating a folder on your personal computer is a great way to store shared photos without taking up memory on your phone.

Keep in mind that this WhatsApp login will usually only be valid for your current browser session, and only if your mobile version remains online. Still, it’s always smart to log out before stepping away from a public or shared computer.

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