How to Hack a WhatsApp Account

Hack a WhatsApp Account

If you’re thinking of a way to hack someone’s WhatsApp, you need to understand that the original WhatsApp app is a little bit difficult to be hacked.

Even if you have WhatsApp Web, and you are able to scan the QR code with the target’s app cam, you can’t really ‘hack’ the account since you need to have the target’s WhatsApp online along with your WhatsApp Desktop.

That’s because every time you close WhatsApp Desktop, you’ll need to scan the QR code to log in again.

However, there is a way to hack WhatsApp. I’ll lead you to the best way to hack WhatsApp. Copy9 is an app specially designed to hack anyone’s WhatsApp account, and to log into their chats from your own device.

But first, let’s talk about what WhatsApp is, to get to know it and its hacks better.

What is WhatsApp and how can it be hacked?

WhatsApp is the most common messaging app nowadays in almost every part of the world. People are relying on WhatsApp for literally everything.

Chatting, communicating with others, family reunions, business, event organizing, ordering different kinds of services, and more! Aside from normal chatting and group messaging, WhatsApp offers free audio and video calls, making the experience even better, saying what you have to say face-to-face. And of course, sharing files is a core feature in WhatsApp.

Users can share images, videos, audio files and PDF/word/ or any other kind of files in just one tap.


Now, let’s talk more about the real purpose of this article. How to hack WhatsApp accounts without having access to the person’s phone?

In short, you can do it using an app called Copy9. You only need a one-time installation on the target phone, and you will have access to their WhatsApp chats anytime and anywhere, and they won’t know it.

Copy9 doesn’t need any rooting or jailbreaking, and it’s free to download, easy to install, and 100% untraceable. And you can have SMS commands for remote controlling.

How to use Copy9 to hack WhatsApp?

Actually, Copy9 works very simply. Just follow these steps to activate the WhatsApp hacker app:

- On the target phone, download the WhatsApp hack app from, and then install it.

- When the installation is complete, you’ll need to login to with your account, see the data details and check the data you want to get.

Keep in mind that if the target smartphone was rooted or jailbroken, you might need to wait a little bit longer to start seeing the target’s new WhatsApp messages. Maybe a day or even a bit more.

Why use Copy9 to hack a WhatsApp account?

Technology is great, but this same awesome technology also makes it easier for some people to do bad things. Especially recently, there might be predators who stalk women or children, and they use technology to do it. So, while some people might use the WhatsApp hacking app Copy9 for wrongdoing, spying or violating someone’s privacy, it can also be used to protect your children from dangerous people.

If you have children to protect, or whom you suspect are being stalked or deceived by malicious people, Copy9 is a great way to keep an eye on them without making them feel upset and angry, as all young people do when they feel their privacy has been invaded. So this way, even if you were at your office, you can still easily keep track of your loved ones, know where they are, who they’re with or talking to, and make sure they don’t get involved in any trouble.

You can also use Copy9 for reasons that don’t involve hacking a WhatsApp account at all! For example, to find your device in case you lose it or it gets stolen. If you install Copy9 on your device, and you lose it somehow, you can simply track its location and maybe find the one who stole it – provided it stays switched on. Pretty awesome, right?

So, if you feel that you need to hack a WhatsApp account, Copy9 is available for several different versions of Android. You can easily download it from and enjoy an exceptional experience.


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