How to change profile picture WhatsApp Web

As we published in our portal above the various updates that have been suffering for either the Web version of WhatsApp, which allows us without any problems using the tool on your computer, synchronizing data and without the need for mobile .
But today we wanted to climb a small tutorial web whatsapp, for those who do not know how to change profile picture whatsapp web and make your conversations more dynamic and your contacts see that photo that both want to show.

change profile photo whatsapp web
WhatsApp Web: Change profile picture

1. The first thing we do is synchronize your mobile phone with the web version, entering the official site and scanning the QR code.

IPad Web Whatsapp more possibilities
2. Since we synchronized our own, we will head for the top of the menu, where we will select as seen in the image profile and Status.

3. After selecting, we will show the profile picture we have today, where we put your cursor over the photo we will get the option to change your profile picture as we see in the example image.

4. After clicking on changing photo, we will show option three, Take Picture, Upload Photo or Remove Picture, if you want to upload photo or change it, click on Upload file and immediately seek the image we want to profile our web whatsapp .
5. The last step is to adjust the image we want to be present in the small circle that shows and click on Finish, as we can see in the picture.

With these simple steps, you can set or change your profile picture whatsapp web is easy, but if you are here is because you've had a little problem.

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