Images for WhatsApp

images for whatsapp

WhatsApp is the most worldwide downloaded multimedia messaging app and, although it was initially focused only on sending and receiving messages, voice notes and a picture between contacts, the app has been updated progressively to also become in an application of images and videos that you can share with all your contacts, so in that way you can always stay connected with everyone.

At first the images for WhatsApp could only be sent to a contact or to a group of contacts, this could be done directly using the camera in the chat and capture the image at the moment or sending images from the photo gallery of the smartphone.

This option remains valid, no-order has been updated in a much more fun way, since all the images that are sent to a contact or to a WhatsApp group, you can make creative modifications by adding stickers, emojis, words written manually and many funny filters that the application offers you, so in that way your images are not so simple or boring.

On the other hand, there's the new status feature, whereby you can create images or share your photos or videos stored on your smartphone, and have all your contacts can see anything you post for 24 hours.

To the Snapchat style, this update was not received in the best way at the time when it was launched, however, little by little people became attached to this new function to the point where, the number of publications of status in WhatsApp has left behind those snap posted in Snapchat, this is the new way of sharing images for WhatsApp.

And as an extra feature, now all people who have the application will not only be able to share images through WhatsApp, but also, they will be able to send animated gifs in the chats, thanks to one of the recent updates of the application that allows to choose between thousands of Gifs that have been added in the emojis panel of the application.

That's why this app has become a pioneer of communication, because the images for WhatsApp revolutionized the way of chatting in an incredible way.

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