Pay to get Whatsapp

Pay to get Whatsapp

One of the things some non Apple users do not like about this brand is that you have to pay for everything.  We all know how high-end this brand is and that its devices are very high quality but the price you have to pay for each device is high enough to also have to pay for every single app you want to download.

We all understand that these apps must generate some earnings to stay in the markets but publicity already does a great deal of this work. However the apps are usually not expensive at all.

The most common apps, like for messaging or editing photos, usually are around 2 or 3 dollars and, of course, there are other apps that are more pricy like apps for editing photos or games and such things.

The appeal of other application markets, such as the Blackberry one and overall the Android one, the Play Store, is that you can find thousands of apps and download them for free.

The amount of apps you can find and have for free from the Play Store is huge, from editing photos apps to games, music apps, etc. The main social network apps are also free, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and more.

Important information you would like to read:

Instant messaging apps can be downloading for free, like Whatsapp. This application could be downloading for free in all the available platforms, except for Apple where you had to pay 1 euro to get it.

The gift of free messaging was taken away when in February 2013 everyone had to pay to get Whatsapp.

Users from the rest of platforms can use the application for free and after 365 days the test version will expire and will have to pay to get Whatsapp.

You can pay in different ways. You can use to methods, you can pay through Google Wallet with your credit, debit or gift card, you can also pay through your Pay Pal account or directly to the operator.

The other option is to send the payment link to your e-mail account and pay from your computer.

Whatever option you make, it is necessary to pay to get Whatsapp which is not the end of the world, just a few more steps after a year of enjoying this great instant messaging app.

Besides this earnings will be useful for the development of the app and to guarantee a better service. Happy messaging!

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