Sign in WhatsApp Web for Motorola

But you can not use the extension to the PC that is WhatsApp Web are before both teams have synchronized, which is really easy and simple although many complicate life for it.
The first thing to do for both sources are synchronized is accessed from the mobile phone Motorola app WhatsApp

once there look for the option that says WhatsApp website appears to be waiting a code, well it’s time to synchronize with computer, for it must access the page and there code scanning appear after placing Motorola camera phone and scan the code it was time that Web WhatsApp is configured from the PC.

WhatsApp website for MotorolaWhatsApp-web-para-Motorola

Something very interesting that offers  WhatsApp Web is that the latest updates have been able to modify certain areas of programming and therefore some details according to the preference of customers have changed and one of them is that the ofile picture can be changed from the computer which was previously not possible, because the computer can hold pictures of as many pixels and will sharpen the image.

Qtro key point is that it can be marked as unread messages and is being timed to mark as unread on the phone leave accounts is how the computer but after a few hours of work accounts for part of the team and thousands WhatsApp letters of his clientele has been configured to be marked as read or unread indifferently on both computers, previously clear option you want to have as well.

The biggest advantage that has this tool now on your computer is that you do not need the phone always at hand to be in the application, if for some reason you want to stop somewhere else and be on the PC, quietly you can do and work as usual, another detail is that messages do not reach the computer if the computer has no data, it is in flight mode or turned off, first because everything comes to smartphone and from there directly to the PC.

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