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Nowadays, the markets all over the world are overloaded with smart devices. Smartphones and tablets are becoming handy tools that are basically an extension of our own person.

They are not only a means of communication, but also a technology that helps every one of us to do many of our daily tasks.

So, why wouldn’t we want to put our favorite communication app on all of them with WhatsApp messenger for tablets?.Many kinds of tablets are being manufactured and sold every day. Some brands and names are very familiar to us, others are new in the markets, but almost all of them have one common thing, Android.

Apart from Apple’s iPads that run on iOS operating system, and the few Windows devices in certain countries, there are countless names of smartphones and tablets that are used all around the world, and all of them run on Android operating system.

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There might be one essential thing that is in common between all kinds of smart devices and different operating systems. WhatsApp! Most probably, anyone who has a smartphone or a tablet anywhere in the world uses WhatsApp messenger.

It’s the no.1 messaging app in the world. It is not a mere messaging application. It is a way to connect the world, to make things we do daily, or even just occasionally, go easier and faster than ever.

People are using WhatsApp for texting and chatting, group chatting, sharing different kinds of files, offering services and accomplishing tasks that would have taken much longer time without WhatsApp. And it isn’t restricted to smartphones only! WhatsApp works on tablets too, even the ones without a SIM card, and I will tell you how.


How to download WhatsApp messenger for tablets

As we all know, WhatsApp is available in Google Play Store for free. But there are lots of cases where Google Play might be blocked in some areas, or for some other reason, this isn’t an option. So, for downloading WhatsApp for free on your Android tablet, you need a trusted site – just like our site.

But first, you need to go to the settings on your Android tablet, to Security and turn on “allow download from unknown sources” to allow the download from our site. This is because Android devices are designed to accept downloads from the only official market, Google Play.

You can get a WhatsApp messenger for Android tablets free download here and your device will be completely safe. So, if you want to download WhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus directly on your Android tablet, all you need is to:

  1. Follow the download links, and tap “Download” on the link to the version you want.
  2. Once the download is complete, you can swipe down the notification panel and tap the download bar.
  3. You will go directly to installing WhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus, and then you’re done.


Download WhatsApp for tablet using PC connection

If you want to download WhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus to your tablet using the PC, you can also follow the links below and choose the version that suits your device. Once the download is complete, connect your tablet to the PC via Bluetooth or USB cable, and drag and drop the downloaded APK file onto your device. Then, from your device, go to My Files > Downloads > WhatsApp (or WhatsApp Plus) and tap to install. Once the installation is done, WhatsApp messenger will be ready to use.

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Setting up WhatsApp Messenger for Android tablets

When you open WhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus for the first time, you will be asked to enter your mobile Phone number. An active cellular number should be used to make the account. If your tablet takes a SIM card and you’ve got one already inserted, you can just enter the number and go on with the verification process. You might be asked to enter a verification code that is sent via SMS to the cellular number you provided.

How to install WhatsApp on tablets with no SIM card

If your tablet doesn’t take a SIM card, you will need to have an active cellular number that has no WhatsApp account. It could be used on a normal old cellular device that doesn’t support apps like WhatsApp, so you can activate WhatsApp on your tablet using this number, on which you will receive an SMS with the verification code.

Once you enter the verification code in its box, WhatsApp (or WhatsApp Plus) will be activated.

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Using WhatsApp on your tablet

You can now manage your account, choose your name, profile picture and the “About” statement. This is the information that your friends will be able to see on your WhatsApp profile. You can also set your privacy settings, who can see your profile info (your contacts only – everyone – no one).

You can enjoy the new WhatsApp status feature on your tablet, where you can post one or more pictures, GIFs or videos and your friends will be able to see them for only 24 hours.

And of course, you can send and receive text, audio and video messages, all kinds of files including media (mp3s and videos), images (up to 30 pictures at once) and PDFs, in addition to making free audio and video calls via Wi-Fi connection.

I hope this article helped you to download, install and use WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus for Android tablets. Now you can enjoy this messenger on any device you like!

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