Update Whatsapp

Updating apps is a very important step to keep them functioning in the right way and prevent any crashing of the app. Whatsapp has been updated many time in order to improve their service and offer more security.

This updates are made to fix or improve app´s features that users did not like or that had some issues to work. Besides with the constant come out of different smart phones models and the updates of the current operative systems that offer more speed and better functioning, it will be a waste to not take advantage of this and take the app to a whole new level.


When you try to update Whatsapp you need to take into account what operative system do you currently have and model is your smart phone, because depending on that you will be able to download the update or not.

To update Whatsapp you need to open the app and go to “options” then “settings” and then “about”. After that go to options again and to the “check for update” part. Then you have to just follow the instructions in order to download the update and install it. You can also check for manual updates in whatsapp.com/download.

If you had any problem with the app or if it was not functioning well, the update will fix it. It is likely to get some new features along with the update like new settings, more emojis or a new look.  Update Whatsapp can also guarantee you the app will be more secure in case they have add any new improve to the security system.

Security is one of the reasons updating is important. The new features may be for keeping your information safe and avoid hackers get to your personal data or financial information from your cell phone or computer in the case of Whatsapp Web. You may also avoid crash messages or people playing spies by downloading some apps that allow people to check someone else´s status, profile pictures and privacy settings.

To download the update you do not need to delete the app from your phone, you just need to check if there is any update available from the app itself or from the Internet. If you delete the app you may lose your entire chat history, in case you have not done a back up for it.

With this tips you are ready to find out about all the new features this app has to offer.


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