Video calls on WhatsApp

Video Calls on WhatsApp

After so many years, the digital platform WhatsApp, worldwide recognized for being one of the best multimedia messaging services, that allows its users to have contact with people in the other side of the world, using no more than their data navigation or their Wi-Fi network at home, work or anywhere.

This awesome and now indispensable in smartphones, has launched the new video call service, whith you can make live videoconferences with all your contacts no matter where you are.

This is a 100% free service that, like the rest of the functions of the application, you only need an internet connection so you will not use the minutes of your voice plan or the credit of your account or the megabytes of your plan data, with only 3 Steps, start a videoconference through this amazing application.

Before starting it should be something clear, although the video call service is available for all devices compatible with the app, it is advisable to have a smartphone with front camera, in this way, the conversion will be done in a more comfortable and functional way.

To start a video call:

  • First: you must enter in the conversation of the person with whom you want to communicate through the videocall.
  • Second: once inside you must select the icon of the video recorder that is at the top of the screen, right next to the name of your contact.
  • Third: selecting the icon will pop up a window where you must select the word "call". The video conference request will be sent to your contact and, once the person has accepted, the video will call start.

It is important to let you know that if you receive a request to start a video call, your screen will appear in the form of a WhatsApp call, to accept it you must slide your finger from left to right or, if don’t want to, do it from right to left to ignore the call.

With this excellent utility, WhatsApp starts competing with other messaging or video conferencing services such as Skype, FaceTime (iOS devices), Google Duo, Hangouts (Google) and the recent competitor who has added this function to their chat, Facebook.

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