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If you’re a little behind on your social media knowledge and haven’t heard of WhatsApp or WhatsApp Web before, it is nothing less than the most widely used instant messaging application in the entire world.

No big deal! WhatsApp and its Web component are free apps that allow you to send limitless free instant messages and multimedia messages over a Wi-Fi connection, which saves you money by preserving your mobile data and finite monthly SMS messages.

For several years, WhatsApp has only been available on mobile phones across all platforms (even Symbian OS), but they have recently rolled out a web client for the application known as WhatsApp Web.

This is not an autonomous account, but rather inextricably linked to the WhatsApp application on your mobile phone – the two accounts sync with each other seamlessly as long as they are connected to the internet.

WhatsApp Web allows you to access all of your contacts, chats and media files with the comfort of a larger screen (great for viewing shared picture and video files!) and real keyboard.

It’s also a great option if your phone battery is dead or you left your phone in the other room and don’t feel like getting up to get it (we’ve all been there).


Download WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp is the application that changed the world of communications, now is a before and after in terms of messaging is concerned, from north to south, from east to west WhatsApp has conquered every corner of this world and simply here to stay for today and forever, we do not know if in the future this app will be replaced by another or by a larger even means, but for now it seems “indestructible” for each computer that will be installed WhatsApp is made and left aside and Complete others.

WhatsApp Web for iOS 

WhatsApp is present for all mobile operating systems from Android to iOS, the latter is the leading mobile and iPhone as something to be emphasized is that there is also a version for the web that is an extension of the bill for the PC and WhatsApp Web call, as in the case of IOS operating system had until very, very little beta but already has found its new version that is WhatsApp Web Full.

With this new version of WhatsApp Web for iPhone and not being limited as was the previous beta, however it is freed from everything and you can work with greater freedom and efficiency, therefore it is time for each of the or portable computers that have this app installed update to not waste their benefits.

Although this leaves us several things to think because the fact that WhatsApp App increasingly cover more territories is not hard to imagine that even our refrigerators or cars count on the App and can be used in different situations, and even our own chip bodies have WhatsApp, it’s amazing but not quite going crazy as science today is not too far the idea to occur.

WhatsApp Web for iPad

WhatsApp on your web format is an extension of the phones to our computers, 2 counts are not placed because it is the same but in 2 different, and good places because as usual the App crossed another boundary not only allows you to install WhatsApp web on iPhone but is also compatible with the iPad, essentially iPad Air, iPad and iPad mini.

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The first things you have to do are downloading through the App Store in our respective web WhatsApp IPad, and then follow the instructions for installation as usual.

Another thing is that for the iOS system can be accessed chats via the Safari browser. That is in terms of IPad is concerned and this trick works from iOS update 8 instructions are:

  1. Open the web browser on iOS, Safari, on iPad.
  2. In the address bar type the following: https://web.whatsapp.com.
  3. Now we see how redirected to the homepage of WhatsApp.
  4. Click on the address bar, then drag down the window that appears and finally select the Desktop version and Ready choice! Already have WhatsApp installed Web for iPad. Now it is a matter of proceeding to review each of the chats.

WhatsApp Web for Mac 

Luckily, the development team at WhatsApp has been listening to what their users want and recently came out with a version of WhatsApp that can be used on your Mac computer: WhatsApp Web.

The most important thing to mention about WhatsApp Web (like on other platforms) is that it’s not a unique WhatsApp account, but an extension of your existing mobile account.

This option allows you to access all of your messages and media on your computer and smartphone simultaneously. The two accounts sync automatically, and any messages you send on your computer can be seen on your phone account and vice versa

WhatsApp Web has most of the same features as the mobile version of the application. You can send unlimited text and multimedia messages using your internet connection with WhatsApp web instead of sending expensive SMS messages from your cellular provider or using up your limited mobile data plan.

Your contacts, messages and media files sync automatically between your smartphone and computer account so you never miss a beat. And once you have logged in to WhatsApp Web on your home computer, you won’t have to log in every time you want to see your messages; just like on your smartphone, you are always logged in unless you manually log out. Best of all, WhatsApp Web is completely free with your mobile subscription.

How to Download WhatsApp Web for MAC

Downloading WhatsApp Web is not exactly complicated, but it’s an unusual installation process, so we’re going to walk you through it step by step.

Important note: as of this writing, WhatsApp is citing difficulties with the iOS operating system that are preventing iPhones from being compatible with WhatsApp Web. Although the web client is compatible with Safari on Mac computers, the iPhone WhatsApp account running on iOS is currently not compatible with the installation and sync process. But here you can find a solution to this problem on a section dedicated to iPhone.

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First, if you don’t already have WhatsApp on your mobile phone, you need to download that first. As we mentioned earlier, your WhatsApp Web account is not an independent account but is actually linked to your existing mobile WhatsApp account. Without the mobile version installed on your smartphone, you won’t be able to install WhatsApp Web on your computer. Here you can find how to download WhatsApp on your device.

Next, from your primary or home computer, go to your preferred web browser and make sure you have the latest version available. WhatsApp web is compatible with Firefox, Chrome and Opera operating systems on PC, and on Safari for Mac computers. Once you’ve confirmed that you are using the latest available version of your internet browser, go to the following address: http://web.whatsapp.com.

all about whatsapp web


On this screen, you should find a QR code (the white checkerboard with a random pattern of tiny black and white squares).

You’re going to use a special WhatsApp QR scanner on your mobile phone to link your new WhatsApp Web account to your existing mobile account.

If you have a separate QR scanner app on your phone, don’t use it for this – it needs to be done inside WhatsApp to work.

To access the WhatsApp QR code scanner, open the dropdown menu in WhatsApp (like you were going into your settings, for example), and you should see an option near or at the bottom of the menu that says “WhatsApp Web”.

If this option isn’t in your menu, you might need to update your version of WhatsApp or you might be using an incompatible device like iPhone.

Select WhatsApp Web to go to the quick response code QR scanner page. Now, just hold your phone up to your computer screen to scan the QR code and wait for your computer to respond.

When the code has been scanned correctly, your computer should ask you if you want to Download WhatsApp Web.

From here on out, installing WhatsApp on your PC or Mac will look just like any other application you install on your computer, and you just have to follow the onscreen instructions to finish the installation and setup process.


WhatsApp Web for Windows 

Nowadays, WhatsApp can be downloaded on every phone, well almost every smart phone.  WhatsApp has been developed to work in many different operative systems in order to guarantee the use of many users around the world. It can be download in different languages, the most common like English, Spanish and French and many more.

There are a few of operative system which can download this app, like Android for Samsung, Huawei, HTC and LG smart phones, Apple for iPhones and Windows Phone, Asha and Symbian for Nokia smart phones among others. This application can also be downloaded in other devices, such as tablets, iPads and Phablets.

Other devices in which you can download this instant messaging app are laptops and PC, the procedure to download it is the same. To install WhatsApp in your PC, first, click your favorite browser, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari and write “WhatsApp download PC” into the search space. Then click the first link that stands for “WhatsApp Web”.

But it is not as easy as it seems, or maybe it is. To install WhatsApp in your PC you must follow the steps according to your smart phone model or operative systems and why do no need your phone for this? Because WhatsApp need to be linked to a phone number, that is how it works.

After you have found your right steps, in case of phones that run with Android, you have to enter the WhatsApp application in your phone and go to the menu, click WhatsApp Web and scan the bar code that appears on your PC or laptop screen with your camera.

After that, you will be able to use the app from your computer, you will have you current chats on the left side and when you open one it will appear on the right side.

You have the options of searching a contact to open a new chat; you can send all the different files you can send with this app, photos, audio files, video, contacts, location and you can also use the fun and diverse emojis to communicate in a more graphic way.

Now all you need to do to install WhatsApp in your PC or laptop is to go running and turn on your computer and start enjoying a more comfortable and new experience for this instant messaging app from the big screen of your PC, see everything better and display in a ideal space to chat with your friends and make this experience much more dynamic.

Using WhatsApp Web

You can access your WhatsApp messages, contacts, pictures and videos anytime you want by going to web.whatsapp.com. After the initial setup, you won’t have to scan the QR code again and you won’t have to log in every time you want to see your messages.

Requirements to Install WhatsApp Web

Like the original application, WhatsApp Web is supported on multiple platforms but unfortunately, there is no support yet for iPhone users. Mobile phones that can install WhatsApp Web include: Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, and Nokia S40 and S60 phones. You must already have the latest version of WhatsApp installed on your phone before you can download WhatsApp Web.

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On the computer side, the web client is supported on Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8 as long as you use a browser other than Internet Explorer, as well as on Mac OS X in Safari.

You should see a QR code on your computer screen; we are going to scan this code using the WhatsApp you have on your phone to start the installation process on your PC or Mac and sync your accounts.

WhatsApp Web: Features

Detail of installation of WhatsApp Web with the QR Code

  • Android: to find the QR scanner, open your WhatsApp main menu (the three dots at the top) and choose “WhatsApp Web”.
  • Blackberry: to scan the QR code, open WhatsApp “chats”, click the BlackBerry button and choose “WhatsApp Web”.
  • Blackberry 10: to get to the QR code scanner, open WhatsApp and swipe down from the top of the screen to open the menu, and then choose “WhatsApp Web”.
  • Windows Phone: to scan the code, open WhatsApp and go to the main menu, then select “WhatsApp Web”.
  • Nokia S60: to open the QR code scanner in WhatsApp, open the WhatsApp menu and select “WhatsApp Web”.
  • Nokia S40: to scan the QR code and install WhatsApp web, go into WhatsApp and swipe up from the bottom edge of the screen to open the menu, and choose “WhatsApp Web”.

Once you have scanned the QR code, your phone and computer will start communicating to begin the free installation of WhatsApp Web into the computer, and syncing with each other. If your computer displays any instructions to finish the installation and setup, follow them. And after that, you have total control over whether you want to chat with your WhatsApp friends on your phone, or on the big screen of your computer.

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