WhatsApp chip

Whatsapp chip

Every person wants a service that allows them to send messages, to chat and to share their pictures and videos without any restriction of internet connection and Wi-Fi availability.

No doubt WhatsApp is one of the best communication networks all over the globe that has become one of the important parts of our lives. It allows you to chat freely and facilitates its user in every possible way.

The only limitation provided by WhatsApp to its users is that it requires internet connection in the form of Wi-Fi or Mobile data to make it function.

However; this problem is not an issue now due to the introduction of a  chip. The chip or sim is also known as WhatsApp chip or Whatsim.

Owing to this latest creation, chatting and communication throughout the world that knows no limits.

The specific novelty of this chip is that it provides you WhatsApp services even if your Android or smart phone is not connected to internet connection.

This chip was invented by Manuel Zanella who has shown his creativity before in the form of a smartwatch in the world of technology.

He is of the opinion that WhatsApp users should be facilitated in every way. The sim or chip was launched by ZeroMobile, a well Known Italian Company. Since its creation it has gained a lot of appreciation among its users.

You can use WhatsApp service even when you are travelling, during which most of the communication services leaves you alone and you are not allowed to chat or message your friends.

This is where WhatsApp provides you its best services and allows you to chat, send messages and share media without any internet connected to your smart phone.

The operators are around 400 in number distributed in around one hundred and fifty countries all over the world. Whenever you use this chip, you should not be worried about your connections. It allows you to access everywhere, and make you shift to other better operators near by in case you are changing your location continually.

This shifting is done without being noticed by WhatsApp users adding to the convenience of the user.

So if you love travelling, this chip is the best thing you will ever have. You can get your sim now from WhatsApp website for just 10 Euros and it will allow you to use WhatsApp messaging services for the whole one year.

There is no need of recharging it for a whole year. However; if you have to share videos, music and other form of media, you will be charged extra and these charges will depend upon the location of your country.

This price is even less for the users in the developing world and is sold in €5.

It does not expire and only requires recharging after one completed year. You can easily recharge it through WhatsApp website. Soon it will be made available on local networks as well. Grab this extraordinary chip now and enjoy the unlimited benefits provided by WhatsApp chip.

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