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WhatsApp Plus apk has since its inception has become one of the best and most installed and used version of the previously introduced WhatsApp application, the new app offers users many brilliant features that allows users to customize various aspects of this highly sought after cross-platform and instant messaging application. WhatsApp plus comes with a complete android package kit and can work on all android smartphones as well as window phone.

The original version of whatsapp which was introduced in 2009 has always been considered the best instant messaging application among various other competitors, but it has also had some problems and disadvantages that have compelled the users to look for better options, such as the WhatsApp Plus. Due to the various disadvantages, thousands of people have switched over to the WhatsApp Plus apk for instant messaging since it provides better options and speed. This new version of WhatsApp has become even more popular with users, gaining it over 50,000+ downloads within a matter of weeks for its exciting new features that users could not imagine with the original version of Whatsapp, due to its interesting features. the app is right called WhatsApp Plus, signifying so much more than simply an instant messaging app with limited features and options.

whatsapp plus apk

The new modified version called WhatsApp Plus has a number of new features that users can instantly notice and benefit from without spending a dime. This article will discuss some of those amazing features so that readers know what makes WhatsApp Plus so much more cooler than the WhatsApp.

Below are some of the most exciting features WhatsApp Plus has on offer:

Features of Whatsapp plus:

  1. Just like the official whatsapp instant messaging service, this particular version called whatsapp plus also supports unlimited short and long messaging. Users are able to send unlimited voice notes, HD images, large audio files features that were not available in the original version.
  1. Another important feature which was not present in the official version of whatsapp was its inability to send messages even when the user is offline. Whatsapp plus introduced a new features which allowed users to send unlimited messages even when they were in offline mode. This feature will not let anyone know that you are online on whatsapp or were using it only a few moments ago. This is considered to be one of the best advantage of the whatsapp plus.
  1. Free Installation: WhatsApp Plus version is instantly downloadable and free to use for an entire year.Just like whatsapp users will pay a minimum amount after the completion of one year.

For its various exciting features,Whatsapp plus is considered the best application that can be used on all smartphones whether you have an iOS or an android device. The only issue is Whatsapp Plus is not an official version but it’s still very beneficial and much better than the original Whatsapp.

With WhatsApp Plus users can change the theme color, put the background they like from a list of hundreds of pre-installed themes that come with WhatsApp Plus apk.

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