WhatsApp status

Whatsapp status

As a clear and declared competition to Snapchat social network, the WhatsApp multimedia messaging service recognized for its compatibility with thousands of smartphones of all operating systems has launched one of its most recent status service updates, so in that way users can make any publication that will be seen by all their contacts and, after 24 hours, it will disappear automatically.

With this new feature you can update photos, videos and GIF in your status, so your contacts will be able to see it, only for 24 hours.

Now, to update your status or see the status of your contacts just follow the following simple steps:

In the case of status updates you only have to select the camera icon that you can see in the upper left of the application. Once there, just take a picture or a video and add all the tags and all the words you want.

If you want to put out a downloaded image or a GIF, just press the "Status" button at the top of the app, then you must press the circle in green color that you can see in the bottom right of your screen, select the image and add all the details you want to share to your contacts.

Now, in case you want to see the status of your contacts, a notification will appear next to the word "Status" when they post something new, you will notice that each photo, GIF, or video has a  duration of, at least, 10 seconds per image, similar to the interface that can be seen in the Snapchat app.

Remember that all status have a life of 24 hours in all the smartphones, after this time you will not be able to see anything that your contact has posted and vice versa.

As a fact: WhatsApp has conquered this use of the post of status over Snapchat, although this platform was the first app in use it. Financial data ensure that the multimedia message monster has registered, since the implementation of this modality, an approximate of  175 million active users, leaving Snapchat way behind.

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