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Secure my WhatsApp

Whatsapp is an instant messaging app that is used for sending text messages, short messages, multimedia messages, photos, video, audio files and more, which replaces the normal functions of a phone like regular text messages or phones and also e-mail.

With the new update of the app you can also make calls from it using the megabytes of your phone service or a wifi connection.

This multitasking app had a change lately. It passed from being a free app for most platforms to be a pay app after its first year of use; the price is not high anyway. Anyway this will probably mean that the app will be updated it and that its service will improve, we all hope.

However, when you download an app for instant messaging you must know very well what you are downloading and if it fits your needs.

Important information you would like to read:

But the most important thing you have to know is if it is safe. You are not going to be sharing any trivial information through that app, although people are told to not share very private or financial information through apps like this, it is tempting not to because it effectiveness.

That is why we invite you to keep reading to know a little bit more about Whatsapp´s security.

Whatsapp due to its popularity has brought many users to its clients and has brought the attention of people that wants to take advantage of that. One of the things that make Whatsapp´s security vulnerable is the new Whatsapp Web.

Using Whatsapp in your computer can make you a victim of different malwares o Trojans from bad download links that look like clients but they are not.

You must be sure that you are entering the right url, the official one, web.whatsapp.com, and know that you do not need to download any other app or go to any other link but this.

Other thing about Whatsapp´s security is the crashes to the app. Someone discover that you could crash someone´s Whatsapp by sending them a message over 7 MG in size.

After this the app will crash every time the user tries to open the thread.

This also can happen with 2 KB messages if they have the right content, the only way of fixing this is to delate the thread.

This may not be important if you use the app to talk to friends and organize parties but if you used for work or businesses you have to be very careful and people have to be very conscious of the information they can make unreachable.

Whatsapp´s security the complement 

Whatsapp is an instant messaging app that has acquired popularity the last couple of years for its dynamic options, you can send many different messages from it like photos, videos, audio files, contacts and more, you can even make phone calls.

Thanks to Facebook, it bought the Whatsapp Inc. Company two years ago, this popularity has grown and more people know it now, people that want to use it and those who only are after their bad interests like hackers.

Whatsapp´s security has proven not to be very tight; you can get crash messages that won’t let use the app and the only solution will be to delete the thread.

This crash messages usually are over 7 MB of size or they can be only 2 KB of size but if you use your Whatsapp just for recreational things it may be annoying but not the end of the world, but if you use it for business or studies, it may be a shame.

Other thing about Whatsapp´s security is the web version. You can get spam lists or worst, malwares or Trojans that will infect your computer and may be targeting financial or personal information. That is why yo need to be sure to use the right link, web.whatsapp.com.


Other two security issues of this app are the bypassing privacy settings and the spying on other users.

The bypassing privacy setting is about the fact that recently it was discovered that this app is not as safe as it claims to be, not even after the security updates. A simple app called WhatsSpy Public can provide you with a monitoring of status messages, status changes, user photos and adjust privacy settings.

The only hope to solve this is on the hands of the developers of the app.

On the other hand, another Whatsapp´s security breach is the spying on other users.

The app recently presented the end-to-end encryption what makes it much more secure, but despite this there is an app called mSpy that sends reports on calls, messages, browsing, Whatsapp conversations and more, back to the owner of the app. To fight this, do not give your phone to someone you do not know or trust.

This does not necessarily means you should stop using the app, it means you have to be more conscious about the information you share there and if that information is way too important for you to share with just anybody, there are plenty more instant messaging apps, such a s Telegram that are much more secure than Whatsapp until now.

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