Block someone in WhatsApp

block in whatsapp

It is very common to have problems with people and is more common when you share a lot with that person, however there are situations that get out of control causing a total break in the relationship that you and that person maintained, now, if that person was part of your contacts in WhatsApp and you want by all means to cut communication with the person, you ask yourself how to block someone in WhatsApp?

It is a very simple process, however, you should be aware that blocking someone in WhatsApp implies that the person will not see your status updates again, nor your profile or profile image, just as you will not be able to send or receive messages from that person, so you should be sure that you no longer want to know anything about that person.

If you are sure and want to continue just follow these steps:

1.- Enter the chat you have with that person.

2.- Once inside you must press the icon of three points that you will be able to see in the right end in the bar of the profile of the contact.

3.- Select the word "More" and then "Block".

Once these three simple steps have been taken you will block the person you do not want to have contact with indefinitely and you will not be able to see the updates of this person or send messages, photos or any other content.

In case you want to unblock the person, you only have to look for the contact that will appear in your list whose name you will see in a lighter color, indicating that it is blocked and if you are sure that you want to unblock that person and maintain contact, you only have to keep the name of the blocked person pressed and the application will show you a popup window asking if you want to unblock the contact, only confirm or deny the action and, if you confirm, you can have contact again with that person and receive calls and messages from that person.

Once again WhatsApp offers alternatives that will allow you to keep your privacy and your tranquility intact, which is why it is the preferred option of all that you want to keep private.

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